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Wellness Center


In our unwavering devotion to our Participants here at King David Community Center of Atlanta (KDCC), we are always looking for more and more ways to improve and maintain Participant health, physical wellbeing, and morale. These reasons are precisely why the Physical Therapy clinic at KDCC was first opened, with the most modern equipment recommended by medical science. Now, each center Participant has the opportunity to receive quality and professional physical therapy via doctor’s referral. 
The leaders of KDCC are well aware of the importance of modern medical treatment – however, in the case of elderly participants, one cannot overlook the inherent dangers of treatments involving chemicals or aggressive drugs. Physical Therapy, on the other hand, uses only natural means by which to apply healing effects on the body – thus, one can be sure that physiotherapy yields the highest effectiveness of treatment when multiplied by the total safety and absent adverse side-effects.  
Working from their daily experiences in physical therapy, the staff at out clinic strive to awaken within the body a natural ability of the organism to fight off sickness — to improve immune-system function, and to lower the recovery-time from a wide array of various illnesses. Unfortunately, as humans age, our cellular structures deteriorate, and the body becomes more prone to various inflammations, wounds, and diseases — and even in these cases physiotherapy has it’s uses, as it can strengthen various organ-systems within the body, making them more resilient, and more apt at fighting off infection and disease. 
Of course, the professionals at KDCC are still aware that the best results emanate from physiotherapy when it is used for preventative means, or in the earliest stages of illness. This is precisely why we make a persistent effort to keep in touch with each of our Participant’s primary care physicians, to track even the slightest changes in behavior or condition. However, even in long-term or extended illness, Physical Therapy can do wonders for the body, the mind, and the spirit.

Computers very drastically have entered into our lives. It is no longer just an instrument used for our work, but it is also a method of communication, rest and entertainment, source of information, and the like. We do acknowledge and accept all the positives that come with the advancement of the computer in our lives, but along with the entire positive have come some negative side effects. For example, many illnesses that have come along of which we have never encountered before. Let's say, who among us could boast that he ever suspected of such a disease as carpal tunnel? Yet this disease exists and successfully spreads as we spend more and more time behind the computer keyboard. 

Carpal tunnel syndrome arises from the pinching of the nerve located in the wrist. The first symptoms of the disease are itching, shaking, and tingling in the fingers. Curiously, these symptoms usually appear a few hours after typing, so the affected person does not initially associate them with the computer. Later on, the symptoms progress to numbness, pain and heaviness in the hands, and disruption of hand sensitivity. In the morning, a feeling of numbness appears in the fingers. There are also side effects. For example, insomnia caused by pain and wrist cramps. The physical therapists at "King David Community Center" often observe how, with such a syndrome, atrophy of the thumb can occur and the patient cannot squeeze their hand firmly into a fist as fingers and palms become disobedient. 

Fortunately, there is an array of physiotherapeutic measures that help patients get rid of this ailment. Very often neurologists, when diagnosing a patient with carpal tunnel syndrome of the wrist, recommend physical therapy rather than medications which the patient can receive by contacting "King David Community Center" at 678-499-9693 or 770-931-8591. 

In addition to relieving you of pain, our specialists will acquaint you with the prevention strategies such diseases. Yes, our life today is such that we cannot abandon the computer, but there are a number of preventive measures that will help you reduce the risk of getting carpal tunnel syndrome. For example, the best way to sit at a computer, where the elbow should lie, and where to place the wrist. You will also be very surprised to learn that the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome will be more successful if observing a specific diet. So if your doctor recommends for you to see a physical therapist and you want to know the best ways to treat your ailments, call us. We will ensure your optimal health and function!

Pulling or straining a muscle is a type of injury that is painful but does not destroy the wholeness and integrity of said muscle. The main cause for this type of injury is usually the result of a very heavy load on the muscle which pushes it beyond its elasticity. This is actually deemed one of the most common sports injuries and is easily acquired when running, lifting weights, or falling. 

In addition to athletes, those who work in physically demanding professions are also subject to muscle pulls and strains. Yet this injury can be obtained by anyone at any time during the performance of everyday life activities. Careless or quick movements, sharp turns, an incorrect step of the leg, or any accidental trips can all lead to the pulling or straining of a muscle or muscles. 

Recognizing that this is the reason for your discomfort right away is not always easy but medical professionals usually distinguish five main symptoms which are quite subtle at first: 

-increasing soreness 

-bruising/bleeding (often subcutaneous) 


-impaired motor function of the damaged body part 

-unusual mobility in the damaged body part 

There are many ways to treat muscle strains and pulls; the method is usually dependant upon the specifications of the body part and how the injury occurred. Physical Therapy is a significant and widely used resource to help in the recovery of such injuries. The physical therapist at King David Health and Wellness Center are a well equipped to create a program of care for you and your unique situation. 

If your primary care physician recommends physical therapy treatment for your muscle pulls and sprains, then you would really benefit from calling 678-499-9693 or 770-931-8591 to arrange an appointment with our specialists. After all, physical therapy methods do not cause any allergic reactions, do not have adverse side affects, and do not involve invasive procedures in order to treat, rehabilitate, and heal. Physiotherapy reduces pain, improves the functioning of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system as well as removes inflammation. We accept all major types of insurance and Medicare.

When medical and physiotherapeutic methods of treatment do not give the proper result, physicians usually recommend surgical intervention. In this section, we will not touch upon the medical and psychological aspects of operative procedures, but will focus instead on what the physiotherapists at King David Community Health and Wellness Center can do to help you at the postoperative stages of your treatment. 

Depending on the complexity of the operation and how the procedure went overall, the patient is usually immediately offered some sort of rehabilitative physical activity. This is understandable: the faster parts of the body start to be included in real physical actions, the faster those parts will being to function in a normal and healthy fashion. 

How is it determined what kind of load is needed for the particular body part for optimum recovery? Some believe that patients should be allowed to lie for the maximum possible period of time and only then increase the load with minimal doses. Others on the contrary believe that the patient needs to be raised as quickly as possible and given the maximum possible load. 

Physiotherapists at King David Community Health and Wellness Center are convinced that there are no universal solutions - each case is unique, and the decision must be made for each specific patient with regard to the specific individual and situation. Simultaneously, there is one general rule which is followed by almost all physiotherapists during the postoperative period, and that is that it is not a good idea to force heavy loads on the patient. It is necessary to carefully restore the body to normal function first. 

It is unwise to think that if the physical therapist recommended that you do a particular exercise 10 times a day, that if you do it 50 times then you will recover that much faster. The effects may actually be opposite of recovery from this. So again, treat your body with care; there is no need to put yourself down but there is also no need to attempt to set an Olympic record at the time of recovery. This is the way to ensure and lay a foundation for a healthy and functioning body. 

A significant amount of your results will depend on your physical therapist, the choice of which is no less important that that of choosing your physician. If you call 678-499-9693 or 770-931-8591 and contact the King David Community Health and Wellness Center specialists, then you can be confident in a healthy and restored future for yourself.

The medics confirm, that practically every person reaching adulthood, will in some way or another suffer from muscle and/or joint pain. The causes for which are all very different, some which are even contradicting. From a very sedentary style of life to an overly active one, from very trauma inducing professions to overly cautious ones, many people go years without noticing the formation of illnesses and how these negative processes destroy their musculoskeletal 


In our fast paced world, many individuals who suffer from pain of the muscles and joints rely heavily on miracle-pills or the masterful works of surgeons. While there exists a less extreme and painful while more effective and lasting method to deal with these issues. 

That method is physical therapy. 

If the physician that you are seeing believes that your musculoskeletal 

condition is in the early stages, he or she will usually strongly recommend partaking in physical therapy. This decision is very wise since in the treatment of the pathology of the musculoskeletal system, physical therapy is in one of the leading methods especially in the initial stages when surgery or medicinal treatment is not required. 

The physical therapists located in Atlanta at the King David Community Center of Atlanta Inc. Health and Wellness Center have both the necessary experience and equipment for the successful fight against musculoskeletal anomalies. Accepting almost all basic insurance plans and Medicare, the specialists of the center have repeatedly succeeded in fighting the ailments of their patients. They know that the main advantages of physical therapy are: 

- impacts are focused on the illness, and not on the whole organism; 

- minimizations of adverse side effects; 

- smoothness and painlessness of the medical process; 

- effectiveness with or without drug therapy 

You also have the opportunity to witness it for yourself. Consult your physician about the use of physical therapy for your particular situation. Then just dial the phone number 678-499-9693 or 770-457-6868. You will first of all be convinced that the use of physical therapy in muscle and joint pathology contributes to the rapid relief of pain, to shortening the period of recovery and restoration of motor functions. In this case, the body is often not subjected to additional drug load or traumas from surgery.

There is probably not one person in the world that hasn’t from time to time experienced extreme exhaustion, loss of interest in living and the surrounding world. There is a condition known as general weakness which can at times last for several months.
First off we must distinguish this condition from the development of other well-known illnesses accompanied by similar constant and prolonged fatigue, for example anemia, diabetes, tuberculosis and others. There are possible and simpler reasons such as chronic fatigue, chronic stress, and overload, that cause similar symptoms as well which go away with short-term rest and recuperation.
In the clinical breakthroughs regarding the syndrome of general weakness there is a very important factor - the reduction of pain. What once seemed simple and routine now turns into a huge problem, one that you wouldn’t even want to deal with. Add on top of those
inconveniences problems such as muscle pains, weight fluctuations, problems with sleep; a person would be left not wanting to socialize, to think, to read or do anything else.
The problem consists in the fact that visual inspection will give very little. On the outside a person may look completely healthy. His or her complaints may come off as just complaints of a tired individual. An inexperienced physician may just suggest simply get some rest. But the experts at King David Community Center know how to differentiate fatigue from the syndrome of general weakness. The diagnosis will be delivered promptly and correctly.
The onset of the disease is usually accompanied by similar symptoms as mentioned earlier. The development of the syndrome of general weakness precedes gastrointestinal disorders or a viral infection. It significantly slows down recovery of muscle strength.
By the way, there are physical causes of the syndrome of general weakness. One of these is radiation. People conducting their work time at the computer automatically fall into the danger zone. There are chemical reasons such as industrial poisoning, environmental damages, and inappropriate medication intake, which in the modern world has reached the level of a full-blown epidemic.
The medics at King David Community Center of Atlanta Inc. determine seven main symptoms of general weakness for which it is recommended to immediately see a doctor:
* Shortness of breath and cough
* Pain in muscles and joints
* Heat flashes and/or cold flashes
* Psychiatric disorders, depression
* Upset stomach
* Loss of consciousness
* Sudden weightless
* Loss of appetite
If you don’t have any of these symptoms, but have temporary disruptions in memory or concentration, fatigue, difficulty in verbal expression, falling in productivity, then first attempt to do some simple actions recommended by the experts at King David Community Center:
* Get to a healthy weight
* Limit fat intake
* Observe a daily routine
* Drink at least 2 liters of water per day
* Relax and spend more time outdoors
If this helps you then you are just overworked or exhausted. If it doesn’t then you most likely are suffering from general weakness, and should see a doctor.

Visit King David today! We will gladly help see if you qualify and help you enter
the special Medicaid - covered Program

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