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Sunday School


For immigrants from the former USSR the very phrase Sunday School is, to put it lightly, strange to hear. We did not have Sunday School and that is all. As the popular Slavic folk-song bodes: "On Sunday, I will rest- there is my motto".

One may vaguely remember that Tom Sawyer attended some sort of Sunday School — however, that prankster had a severe lack of desire, and this attendance made him squirm so, perhaps due to his lack of interest. And there is no lack of interest in our classes here at Wonder World Sunday School. 

In general the questions we deal with most often are — "will they understand?", "will they want to attend?", "will they appreciate or be interested in the classes?" — and such questions are also the kind that KDCC administration faced, when first considering opening a Sunday School- a sort of multi-disciplinary academy for children. However, to call Wonder World a “Sunday School” would only be fitting in the standard understanding of that phrase because classes meet on Sunday – that’s it. Why Sunday? Well because busy parents are only able to bring their lovely children into the center on Sundays – so for the convenience of our community, and for the creative development of that community’s children, Wonder World was opened.  

To the credit of the leaders of the center, it did not take long to convince them that this was a good idea. The idea of gathering many young persons and teaching them everything-about-everything was too appealing. Immediately it was intended that the school will be, in even the youngest minds, developing creativity, cultivating aesthetic taste, and preparing the youngest ones for secondary school. 

However, regardless of how you attempt to look at it, in order to encourage the participation of children, this participation must first be created and engaged in by the adults. Mainly there had to be put in so much effort and work into finding a fitting building, selecting of the finest instructors, creating the schedule...the rest you can fill in yourselves. 

Now, the school offers children lessons in almost any subject matter. With great pleasure, attendees of all ages often sign up for several classes at a time; children who are still in day-care and those who are older and already attend English speaking grade-school. 
And now, attention please! The list of the wonders that the school offers to its students: Mathematics, Russian language and literature classes, guitar and piano lessons, vocal lessons, and dance. Want more? No problem! Your child will learn to play the stimulating and thought-provoking game of Chess; to dance beautifully, and even perform in wonderful performances by Wonder World’s Theater Department; and will even learn to express themselves artistically, through our exciting Art Classes! Now that you’re excited about joining us, visit our website at and get all the details. 

King David Center is not looking to profit from educating our youth. The organization is formed in such a way that the proceeds from one type of program finance all of the others, and vice-versa. Wonder World is financed by the center. And, yes there is a cost to the attendance of the school, but the cost is feasible even for low income families. The actual cost of the lesson is $25, but parents pay only $10. The center takes upon itself to make up the difference. The president of the center, Mr. Anatolyi Ishakov once explained this cost-share philosophy rather simply and eloquently: the minds of our kids are not to be trifled over dimes and nickels – every child deserves to explore their interests, but not every family can afford this opportunity, that is where I will come in to help. 

The school is evolving. Student analyses and historical data show that Wonder World graduates are ahead of their peers at school and adapt to the first steps of grade school easier. We wish them much success, and we look forward to seeing you next Sunday!

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