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Child Day Care


In everyday terms, people call it a daycare for elderly individuals. Officially, in English it is known as the Adult Day Health Center of King David Community Center of Atlanta. In reality, however, it is a daily haven for the senior citizens of Atlanta; a place which they rightfully deserve to belong to throughout this part of their lives. To depict the message about all the pleasures and comforts that await the visitors of the adult day care within the parameters of a short article is impossible. For those who would like to familiarize themselves more with this center, we encourage you to visit our website

To gage your interest further we will mention at least a few of the, how we deem, pleasant surprises that await our clients. 
The miracles start early in the morning. From the very moment that you can see that comfortable bus from your window we are ready to bring you into our care. Upon your arrival, a delicious breakfast prepared using only fresh ingredients and with the oversight of professional dieticians awaits you. We do not use frozen foods or preservatives. If you are prescribed or recommended a specific diet by your physician or have dietary restrictions you can be certain that these recommendations and restrictions will be adhered to. Within a few hours you can expect an equally delicious and balanced meal for lunch. 

But as they say, do not live by bread alone. The organization of your leisure time is one of our top priorities. What is it that we offer? Why, all that your heart desires. Choose to your liking.

At your disposal we have board games, a wonderful library with literature to suit a variety of tastes, personal computers, and much more. Do you have little to no computer knowledge or do not feel confident using a computer? No problem! We provide regular classes on computer literacy as a part of the program. 

For the prevention of multiple sclerosis and various alternate age related mental problems, medical professionals strongly recommend constant mental activity and stimulation. In our daily program quizzes, riddles, arts and crafts, meetings with interesting individuals, opportunities to demonstrate existing skills as well as ones newly acquired through our classes are all some of the many daily activities our members are able to partake in. We also offer needlework, which is not only considered a beautiful and interesting pastime, but also a medical procedure that develops fine motor skills. Classes for training memory and attention work in a similar manner in helping to maintain cognitive function. 

If you find that you are already interested, then do not wait and visit our website For those that wish to remain on this page, we will add that if you believe our clients spend all day within our walls, you are unquestionably mistaken. This is of course not the case. Our center's activity coordinators arrange for trips to museums, theatres, concerts, and more. We regularly make trips to the park where we can go for a nice walk, breathe some fresh air, and have a change of scenery. Also our buses take our clients to the grocery store where our drivers patiently wait for each and every client to finish purchasing all that they need. 

In addition to the services mentioned we also regularly visit hair dressers and manicurists because no matter what age, people deserve to look as well as feel beautiful and groomed. The information is before you and the decision is yours. You can just call the number [insert phone-number] or maybe, to obtain more information, take a scroll through our website    

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Visit King David today! We will gladly help see if you qualify and help you enter
the special Medicaid - covered Program

phones 678-499-9693    770-931-8591    fax 770-931-8609