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Adult Day Care


Knowledgeable people can tell you – statistics knows everything, she is the science that can surmise all those small details that mankind is not supposed to know, or may not even want to know. But even statistics cannot accurately tally the total number of organizations in the US providing care and services to retirees, let alone the number of actual retirees itself. There are government programs, philanthropic and non-profit organizations, as well as social and community-driven centers, all accessible and welcoming of US pensioners every day. Million-dollar grants and subsidies for senior programs in the US are becoming more frequent, and are designed to ensure that a person who has worked their entire life can finally retire without feeling deprived of anything. 

However, allocating some funds is only half of what it means to provide senior-care. Elderly participants often need consistent and patient care; help with simple daily routines and actions. And it is here, after the long list of social, charitable, and public organizations, is the last and most vital link in this chain – real people; real providers and caregivers who actually work with seniors on a daily basis. 

Luckily, such people – real, experienced, patient Personal Care Aides – work right here at King David Community Center of Atlanta, Inc. (KDCC). And, in such a short article, it is impossible to list the services KDCC and its’ PCA’s provide to our 200+ clients on a daily basis – so, we strongly urge you to visit us online at for more information. To name a few, however, KDCC’s Personal Support Services (PSS) Program offers: meal delivery and/or preparation, light house-work, laundry, cleaning, medication schedule regulation and upkeep, and so much more.

Although, sometimes what a participant needs is not simply services and care-plans, but – company; simple human interaction, a warm smile, a kind word. Which is precisely why, we at KDCC believe that it is not only what you’re doing that matter, but the way in which you do it; and therefore we conduct a specialized training for our PCA’s to gauge and prepare both their outward professional appearance, and their psychological preparedness and patience. Additional, special attention is also paid to the translation and general English-Language skills of our PCA’s, seeing as how many KDCC participants are immigrants, and often require extensive linguistic assistance. 

Arguably, King David Community Center is Atlanta’s most famous, and most diverse Senior Care provider – the spheres of influence maintained by KDCC programs have landed the Center in several newspapers, articles, television programs, and documentaries. Even so, all this exposition can only serve to scratch the surface of the tremendous array of services offered by King David Community Center of Atlanta; and to describe all of KDCC’s ventures would require a decade and a novel. Luckily, we are in the 21st Century, and hard-copy books are becoming digital, and are being called websites. Thus, since you are surely intrigued by the options KDCC can offer you, we again urge you to visit us online at
When it comes to senior care – there are no inconsequential details; every bit of information matters, if it can improve the mood, health, wellbeing, or life of any and every one of our patients. We strongly believe this motto here at King David Community Center. 

The United States of America is one of the world’s largest international communities; thus being located here, our Center’s services are frequented by members of various ethnicities and cultures. At first, it may appear as though the easiest way to create a place like King David Community Center would be to gather everyone in one place and offer them quality care and attention. However, the easiest option in this case was not the best. After all, we are talking about elderly participants, who require a special kind of care and attention – therefore, the administrators of KDCC have created several centers across Atlanta to best serve individual ethnicities, whilst observing and adhering to said cultures’ customs, habits, and polite conduct. 

And this is how the different Adult Day Health centers of King David were created. For example, to learn more about our ADH Program designed for elderly immigrants and retirees of Chinese ethnicity, we invite you to visit www.chinadultcare.comm for more information. Meanwhile, here we will explain some of the reasons for, and benefits to the division of our ADH Centers according to ethnicity.
One of the main reasons is – dietary. 

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