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Adult Day Care Services in Atlanta
Sunday School
Personal Support Services
Child Day Care
Home Delivered Meals
Russian Adult Day Care
Health and Wellness Center
Adult Day Care for Chinese

Who we are

Even Russian-speaking members of the Atlanta immigrant community who have resided in the metropolitan area for more years than they care to count, cannot recall a time when King David Community Center of Atlanta was not an integral part of their community. Our organization has deep roots in many different parts of Atlanta’s daily life – child education and recreation, senior care, events, concerts and theater performances, and numerous charitable endeavors.
Herein, we will list some generalized snapshots of the various work KDCC does around the Greater Atlanta Area. For those interested in more specificity about any particular program or event, please feel free to contact us to receive information from other various sources, such as newspaper articles, documentary film, journals and other publications, about King David Community Center of Atlanta, Inc. 
First – KDCC’s Children’s programs. Our community center hosts a wonderful day-care, accepting new students between the ages of 2-months and 5-y/o. Professionally trained, experienced, and attentive instructors focus their efforts on two main goals for the students of our King David Academy: a well-balanced development of each little individual’s well-adjusted personality, and the healthy well-being of the students. These goals are some of the reasons behind our organized schedule at King David Academy – game time, outside play for fresh air, nap time for much-needed rest, and most importantly, well balanced and nutritious meal-time. And of course, for more detailed information about our childcare program, visit us online today at
For the older kids, there is our Wonder World Sunday School – a non-religious, European-inspired program for intellectual development and creative pursuits. Even to list all the classes offered at Wonder World would be a lengthy task – so some popular highlights consist of classes in Chess, Mathematics, Literature, Dance, and Musical practices of various sorts. After all, who in their youth does not dream of becoming a famous actor. So, why not try your luck in theater – what if it’s good? And, it’s usually very good – our kids and parents alike are always eager to participate in our frequent plays and musicals. Additionally, a surprisingly popularity is held by our Chess classes and club – understandably, however, as Chess has long been attributed to the development of critical thinking skills and decision making. Lastly, we guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that, through the persistent support of our community, we have been able to offer the highest quality of child-care without the high price-tag — our rates are designed to be affordable for even low-income families. For more details and pricing, please find us on
In our care for our children, by no means do we at King David Community Center forget about our elderly members. Every morning, KDCC’s fleet of transportation vehicles arrive at the center, loaded with dozens of senior center participants, who are immediately welcomed in to an atmosphere of warmth, comfort, and care. Each Adult Day Health participant who comes through our doors finds exactly what they needed – whether that is a conversationalist comrade, exciting hobbies and activities, or nutritious fresh-cooked meals from their homeland. Once again, for a more detailed explication of the Adult Day Health program and our services, we urge you to visit us online at
If, however, by virtue of certain circumstance you are unable to visit us at the center, but are still interested in becoming a part of our community, we will gladly come to you instead. Homebound individuals will be excited to learn about our Personal Support Services PSS program – by which a compassionate, professional home-aide will come to your home and help with things like cooking, laundry, shopping, cleaning, or simply offer up an attentive ear and the comfort of their company. For more information on PSS services and rates, please visit us at
In addition to at home aids, King David Community Center also offers an impressive Home Delivered Meals program. No medical referrals or recommendations are required, although all of our menus are composed and portioned by a qualified dietician. For more information, rates, a list of our Ethnic/Specialty menus, and much more, please visit
This is just a small portion of the services and programs offered by King David Community Center of Atlanta. All that you and your loved ones needs, all in one place – live in the present, join King David Community Center today!
Visit King David today! We will gladly help see if you qualify and help you enter
the special Medicaid - covered Program

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